Trossachs Delivery Hub – FAQ

The Trossachs Delivery Hub (shop) is now open for orders (from Friday 10 April 2020).

What is the Delivery Hub?
An initiative to help provide a source of store cupboard food at wholesale prices to the Trossachs Community. This should benefit carbon miles, healthy eating, distancing and isolation guidance (Covid-19). It is totally optional of course.

How Do I Order?
Fill in the page at the Hub. There are basic instructions there.

Who is it For?
Residents of the Trossachs Community Council Area (Milton, Lendrick, Brig o’ Turk, Achrayside and Katrineside).

Do you Deliver?
Only to shielding or self-isolating without other support. Please contact us.

How does Collection Work?
Your orders will be collated into tables or trays for collection evening.
On arrival at the hall you should present yourself to the team from outside the hall.
You will then have the option to collect inside (one person at a time or have your order brought outside).
Please bring your own bags and boxes as required.
Processes may change as we get further advice.

Why Might My Order Change?
Because the items may have gone out of stock.
Or, as the wholesalers on;y supply in bulk, if only one item from an multiple order is placed it might not be feasible to buy the entire supply. For example, beans come in tinned trays of 12. If only one person wanted one tin there is not the stock capacity to pay for the whole order.
For items like these, you will be contacted to see if you want to change, buy more or we will put a message out for others to see if they will consider adding that item to their list.

What About Something Not on the List?
If there is something on the Greencity website that you think would be of interest to yourself and others, let us know. For items that are single-volume order this should be no problem, for multiple wholesale packs we might need to get a minimum order (see “Why Might My Order Change” above).

Who is Organising This?
A small group within the Trossachs community. This is a community action, unpaid and unfunded. Run by a small number of volunteers giving up a lot of time.
Hence there is a limit to what volumes of orders can be placed.
Achray Farm are using their website to host the order pages.
They also hold the wholesalers account and so payments will be made to the Achray Farm business account for orders.
This is a Triodos ethical account and a small (50p) charge is made on all orders to cover our banking fees for payments and refunds.

Thank you to the Trossachs Welfare Association (TWA) who run the Village Hall for the generous donation of space and time.

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