Veg and Market Garden

As well as our grower’s tours we will have a veg box subscription again this year, running from June to November, with pick-ups on Thursday afternoons in Aberfoyle and Brig o’ Turk, and door to door delivery in Callander. There are only a limited amount of spaces available, so get in there if you wouldn’t like to imagine life without fresh veg! There is a request form at the bottom of this page to message Rosi and sign-up.
We will have one standard size of box, but if that sounds like too much veg you can get your box bi-weekly instead of weekly.

Why subscribe?
Veg boxes are priced at £17 which is the average value of veg you’ll get. The actual amount of veg will vary slightly with the harvests: in the peak of the season you will get well above your money’s worth whereas at the start and end of the season your box may look a little smaller. To make this system work for everyone, we’re asking you to commit to the whole season with us, and should you need to cancel your subscription we would ask you to give us at least two weeks notice. We’ll have a system in place to allow you to pause or donate the box while you’re away. 

This is a tried and tested way that many market gardens use to ensure a stable income and make ends meet, also known as CSA (Community Supported Agriculture). Becoming a subscriber is one of the best ways you can support us in making that happen, and (ironically) it’s also the most economical option for you – direct route to market means no third party takes any cuts!

How do you pay?
We would ask you to set up a monthly standing order to our bank account.

Feeling non-committal?
If subscriber places don’t fill up there will also be non-subscriber boxes available when supply/demand allows via G63 at the Open Food Network, an online click and collect market with pick up in Aberfoyle and lots of other places. They will be slightly more expensive as we have to account for the cut they take and the extra admin time.

This year we’re also hitting Callander main street during peak season with a bi-monthly “Pop Up Shop” for veg and ice cream at Callander Connect. Mark the dates:  8th/22nd June, 13th/27th July, 10th/24th August, 7th/21st September, 12th/26th October, and finally on 9th November.

We are also working on a goat-proof on-farm veg stall in the barn, so keep your eyes peeled for news on direct availability in the summer!

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